The Winter Solstice

Introduction Today is my wedding anniversary, remembering it took prompting by my wife this morning. I must say that I am normally good at remembering,

AI – AI It’s off to work we go!

Introduction Everyone is Writing, Blogging, or YouTubing about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is the topic of the moment. So! Why write another one? I feel

Visual Thinking

Introduction Why Visual Thinking? Because human beings have a well-developed visual sense which far outweighs our other senses. Since earliest times we have represented our

May the 4th be with you

Todays post is different, because for the first time I have a guest contributor. At our Toastmasters meeting today I was speaking to my friend

Stamford Bridge

Introduction The battle of Stamford Bridge took place on the 25th of September. For football fans (soccer), I am not talking about Manchester City’s victory

I Keep Six Honest Serving Men

Introduction Our two year old granddaughter’s favorite phrase is “Wha Sat?” (What is that?) We can learn much from our young children. They are brimming

Emily Warren Roebling PMP

Introduction The Brooklyn Bridge was opened on the 24th of May 1883 and the first person to cross the bridge in a carriage was Emily

Space Shuttle (Part 2)

Introduction As I studied this topic, I realized that there is a vast amount of information available. I am currently reading Diane Vaughan’s book “Challenger

Space Shuttle (Part 1)

Introduction This month is the 40th anniversary of the first successful space shuttle mission. NASA’s post Apollo program. On the 12th of April 1981, the


As I watch my mother-in-law prepare dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year, (technically it is the lunar new year since it is not just the

Teddy Roosevelt and Deep Work

Introduction Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York in 1858, to a wealthy family  but was plagued by ill-health, suffering from severe asthma. A very

History PM Ethics (2)

Introduction In my previous Post we looked at the potential effect of failing to act (or appearing to) ethically on our careers. Captain Rostron was

A Railroaded Union

Introduction As the young United States republic developed, it was not clear whether it was going to survive. It took the crisis of a civil

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